Greyhound (10 July 2020, Sony Pictures, Stage 6 Films, AppleTV+)

No film could or should try to cover all aspects of a complex subject such as the Battle of the Atlantic.

That being said, I’ve been waiting for a film that tells the story of the “Battle of the Atlantic” during WW2 from the surface perspective for a long time. Many films of the subject are from the perspective of the German Kriegsmarine U-bootwaffe and there are many very good films on the surface battle, but they are mostly from the ’40s and ’50s (Convoy 1940, Action in the North…

With all that’s going on, I suppose it’s not unexpected that the US and China are slowing down the UN’s response to COVID-19 (each wanting to add verbiage that either blames China or champions China for it’s responsiveness to the COVID-19 Wuhan outbreak).

But one interesting fact that came out in this NBC News article is an insight into what’s going on in Russia.

Russia and Vladimir Putin (now attempting to be de facto President for life since he pushing a nationwide referendum on constitutional amendments that would make him president until 2036, now postponed due to COVID-19 [1]), have…

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